HammerTech, the Compliance, Risk and Safety software platform for construction, announces the release of a new mobile Pre Task Planner solution. The innovative mobile solution coaches crews in effective task planning for higher jobsite production, less re-work costs and improved hazard control to lower injuries and incidents and protect insurance premiums.

HammerTech recognized the need for a field solution to connect daily plans with existing safety processes and trade partners—all in one place. HammerTech’s Control Tower technology makes field processes more valuable and shares real-time insights across organizations to lower injury and incident risk while improving productivity, the accuracy of cost and schedule forecasts, and ultimately improving profitability.

Designed specifically for the North American construction market, the Pre Task Planner empowers crews with a simplified daily task planner that uses customizable templates and mobile access to Job Hazard Analysis, permits and equipment to improve coordination. Hazard control suggestions facilitate conversations and help supervisors get buy-in to the work plan to reduce incidents and potential claims by up to 35%.

This highly customizable platform has created powerful synergy between technology and construction project stakeholders. The result is better CRS transparency across every project and a foundation for continuous improvement in productivity and profits for HammerTech customers.