By Rural Builder Staff

EXACOR™ MgO panels are magnesium-oxide (MgO) structural panels that offer a new way to achieve fire resistance and acoustical performance in multifamily and light commercial flooring assemblies. EXACOR products can be used as both an underlayment over traditional OSB or plywood and as a subfloor with assemblies that can meet or exceed code minimums for STC/IIC ratings for dwelling separations. It offers structural durability, can easily be installed by framers, and eliminates the need for an additional subcontractor to pour the self-leveling gypsum underlayment commonly used in multifamily and light commercial flooring assemblies. AdvanTech™ X-Factor is a new class of premium subflooring with a fade-resistant, water-shedding surface on a high-performance engineered wood panel. With a built-in protective top layer, it takes the moisture-resistance expected from an AdvanTech® panel to the next level and pairs it with AdvanTech™ subfloor adhesive for a Squeak-Free Guarantee. Unlike common OSB and plywood panels that can show flaking, delamination or discoloration from exposure to daily jobsite stress, AdvanTech X-Factor protects the panel surface quality and appearance. The built-in, water-shedding top layer provides a distinctively smooth, even, premium subfloor surface that is marker-friendly and easy to clean.

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