“Our barn was originally built in 2010. Living in South Louisiana, hurricanes are always a possibility and have become a part of life! Unfortunately, our barn took a hit in 2020 for Hurricane Delta. The entire middle aisle was completely destroyed! We were blessed to have had Toby and his National Barn Co. crew (part of the original 2010 crew) return for the repair job! Fast forward to 2023 when we decided to upgrade our bumper pull camper to a toy hauler and realized our opening wasn’t quite tall enough. National Barn to the rescue once more for a minimal adjustment to the front clearance and doors to allow the measurement needed for our new camper. Our barn is so much more than just a barn to us. Of course, it houses all of our outdoor toys and needs, but it has been the life of many parties hosted for family and friends. If walls could talk, she’d have so many stories to tell!”

— Trent & Lana Menard

Cow Island, Louisiana  

The Details:

BUILDER: National Barn Company

LOCATION: Cow Island, Louisiana

SIZE: 60’ x 60’ x 20’ raised center isle
  with a 60’ x 20′ roof extension
Center isle is 30’ wide


LUMBER: Burrows Post Frame Supply, 6’ x 6’
  and nail laminated columns

TRUSSES: Burrows Post Frame Supply
set on 5-foot centers

CCA treated wooden posts are
  set on 10-foot centers

METAL AND TRIM: Burrows Post Frame Supply Quadra

Loc Plus 26g Painted Rustic Red Side
  Walls and Alamo roof and trim

DOOR: Plyco Series 95

WINDOWS: 3’x3’ Atrium fixed window

BARN DOORS: 25’x13′ split sliding door
4’x8′ single Slider Door
 Hardware Western Products
12’x12′ framed opening