LP Building Solutions (LP), a leading manufacturer of building products, today announced the launch of LP Legacy® Premium Sub-Flooring Adhesive, which is available for purchase across the U.S. and Canada. This latest offering from LP is an innovative solution designed for easier sub-flooring installation and premium adhesive strength.

LP Legacy Premium Sub-Flooring Adhesive is a construction sub-flooring adhesive that creates tight seals in small gaps between panels, helping to produce a stiff, squeak-free sub-floor system. It is gun-applied with a fast-curing polyurethane collapsible foam adhesive that is 100% solvent-free and VOC-compliant.

LP Legacy Adhesive is designed to work in tandem with LP Legacy Premium Sub-Flooring and LP® TopNotch® 350 Durable Sub-Flooring. It can save valuable resources—including time, labor, money, and materials—thanks to its application efficiency. One 29-ounce can is equal to up to 12 times the coverage of a typical tube of conventional sub-flooring adhesive. It can be applied to wet, dry, or frozen lumber, in addition to treated lumber, masonry, decking, concrete, or metal.

LP Legacy Adhesive is applied with the LP Legacy Sub-Flooring Adhesive Applicator, a non-stick professional grade foam adhesive applicator. Unlike typical caulk guns, which require a lot of squeezing, LP’s applicator uses aerosol, allowing a more user-friendly, even application. The dispenser gun comes in two sizes, 15 inches and 30 inches, giving builders options for their specific needs.