StoneCoat has debuted a new FUSION system showcasing a single panel that replaces four layers of materials used in traditional exterior wall systems — exterior insulation, OSB sheathing, waterproof and vapor barriers, and metal lath.

FUSION’S structural insulated sheathing and integrated masonry backing are compatible with most exterior claddings. Their R10 insulation helps meet new energy code requirements, and FUSION also offers up to R30 insulation with 6-inch thickness. The panels also resist cracking, rotting, and mold compared to traditional building materials. The panels are lightweight, making installation faster and easier. FUSION is also a sustainable, carbon-neutral product, as the laminate is made from recycled petroleum products, making it easier for builders, developers, and architects to meet environmental requirements and gain LEED points.

 The FUSION panel is part of the StoneCoat building system.