By Rural Builder Staff

Featuring advanced fiber technology, PINK Next Gen™ Fiberglas™ creates a tightly woven network of soft, fine fibers to form a super-resilient blanket of insulating micro-pockets. 

Dean Moody of Intermountain West Insulation/IBP says, “With PINK Next Gen, edges and corners seldom get beat up and seamless, pillow-like aesthetics often replace the creases that accompany other jobs. We’ve had inspectors see how good the product looks and sign off before we’re even done. It’s just another reason why we now only use PINK Next Gen on all of our jobs.”

PINK Next Gen™ Fiberglas™ insulation: 

•Offers 99%-safer fire performance and no chemical fire retardants added to the fiberglass
•Made with safe, proven ingredients
•No formaldehyde added
•Made with advanced fiber technology for up to 23% faster installation compared to our existing products
•Exceptional product recovery and improved stiffness perfectly fills standard cavities and stays put
•Fewer clumps and chunks for fast, clean cutting and splitting
•Visibly smoother; passes inspection more easily
•Texture is soft as cotton
•Less dust, more comfortable installation and less cleanup
•Shed-resistant insulation stays on the batt, not on installers
•Improved indoor comfort and sound reduction for homeowners
•Made with 100% wind-powered electricity
•New industry standard for recycled content
•Underwriter Laboratories (UL) GREENGUARD certified for low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Field tester noted: “PINK Next Gen Fiberglas recovers instantly and retains its stiffness, so it glides right into the stud cavity without fluffing or compressing. It has a nice aesthetic texture that helps pass inspection easier. It splits cleanly around boxes and wires and fills stud cavities completely, saving a ton of time.

It doesn’t include the mess or mixing of chemicals like other methods, so other workers don’t have to evacuate, they can keep working.”

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