In nearly every one of our 2022 editions of Rural Builder, we’ve included a “Flashback: 1974” article. That’s going back as far as our archives permit; the magazine began in 1967, but those copies are unavailable. Paging through the old magazines has made me realize that we have come a long way from our roots. The magazine was originally called Farm Building News and with good reason. Better than 80% of the contents of these publications was about farming…farm construction, farm equipment, farm improvements. 

Somewhere along the way, this magazine’s focus changed, whether by chance or by choice. This allowed for an expanded horizon; residential projects and light commercial projects, information, and resources showed up and the name was changed to Rural Builder. We enjoy providing coverage of a variety of construction topics that our readers tell us they find relevant and interesting, and yet, we wonder, with our diminished coverage of agricultural building, are we missing something?

Don’t worry; if you like Rural Builder the way it is, you will still find coverage of the residential, commercial, and more. We just want to bring you more…cow barns, more corn cribs…more ag coverage.  

Can you help us? If you have an agricultural  project, a topic you would like to see covered, or an interesting anecdote related to farm building, share it with us!