Albion Engineering Co.

Quickly seal exposed fasteners on metal roofs with the Spot-Pro Extension Nozzle (1032-G02).  Applies a consistent dab of sealant to each screw head without bending over. The Spot-Pro nozzle has integrated spring-loaded check-valve, will not drip or dispense sealant until it is activated by pressing against screw head. For greatest versatility use with Albion combo gun B12B30HJ (dispenses 30oz Bulk, 20oz Sausage, or 10oz Cartridge).

Triangle Fastener Corporation

APS500 Advanced Polymer Sealant is engineered to produce superior adhesion to metal, coated metals, wood, masonry, PVC and most common construction materials. It is a class 50 sealant that provides exceptional movement capabilities compared to other class 25 sealants. It is UV resistant, paintable and provides long-life performance. It is formulated to install in temperatures as low as -32 degrees Fahrenheit and can be made in more than 100 colors.

GSSI Sealants, Inc.

GSSI manufactures premier elastometric butyl rubber sealant tapes. We have been producing tapes for a wide range of industries and applications for more than 30 years. Our MB-10A is a premier elastometric butyl rubber sealant designed to meet the critical requirements of metal building applications.

Marco Industries

Marco’s Weather-Tite™ Metal Roof Sealant stands up to the elements better than all other sealant technologies. Our eco-friendly polymer sealant offers a waterproof seal against water, wind, dust, dirt, and other infiltrations. It adheres to almost any common building materials and comes in more than 30 standard colors. Marco’s Weather-Tite™ Metal Roof Sealant is tack-free in one hour, is paintable (excluding translucent), and is ideal for use on a wide variety of products.

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