Marco Industries

As North America’s leading ventilation manufacturer Marco Industries offers superior roof ventilation your way, with products tailored to fit your specific performance requirements and budget.  Our ventilation products feature an exclusive nonwoven polyester material that delivers extreme durability, and breathes to help prevent moisture absorption. All ventilation products offer a 40-year limited warranty, easy one-person installations, and two full beads of M63, Marco’s proprietary adhesive, for superior hold. 

Plyco Corporation

Plyco manufactures and distributes a variety of ventilation products designed to meet most airflow requirements. The MWE-100 is a low profile unit, 10 feet in length with 12 square inches of free air space per lineal foot. The MW100-25 has a higher profile than the MWE and is open at the top. The ventilator has an internal diverter to direct rain off to the side and out onto the roof. The MW100-35 has the same design as the 25 series with increased free air space of 36 square inches per lineal foot. The FMW100-35 is of the same design as the 35 series but the diverter is made from translucent fiberglass to allow light into the building ridge while keeping the rain out.

MWI Components

MWI supplies Uni-Vent II and III to ventilate with a ridge cap, and they manufacture five Ridg-Vent profiles. Additionally, MWI offers over 100 colors for Ridg-Vents to match most roll-formers’ metal panels. The Ridg-Vents’ metal edges are hemmed for easier handling/improved strength. Their lack of raw metal edges prevents rust stains. MWI also manufacturers steel/aluminum soffit systems. Pre-cut or special-cut lengths are available–sizes 7” to 144”. When united, Ridg-Vents, Uni-Vent, and soffit provide superior ventilation.


CannonBall is offering FlexPro venting material, with protection that lasts like no other. Offering 40 years of warranted weather-tite performance, this recycled-material polyester prevents moisture absorption and holds together longer than standard polyurethane venting products. Available in 20-foot rolls to ride with CannonBall product shipments, FlexPro provides the durability and element resistance to meet building codes, reduce damage and save on costs.

Carrington Building Products

Adequate roof ventilation and uniform airflow are critical for the proper maintenance of metal buildings. Carrington’s patented Dri-Vent and Dri-Vent2 vented closure strips are rugged, breathable, easy-to-install solutions to ensure adequate ventilation for metal roofs. Dri-Vent and Dri-Vent2 closures provide the ideal balance of superior venting, rugged construction for long life and budget-friendly cost.

ST Fastening Systems

ST Fastening Systems supplies its MultiVent and MultiVent10 closures for those applications requiring airflow on metal roofs. Open cell foam MultiVent, 3 feet in length, and woven polyester MultiVent10, 10 feet in length, allows as much as 98 percent free airflow through the material. However, it prevents wind-driven rain from penetrating the material when compressed. The designs are universal for both, with adhesive applied for easy field installation. MultiVent can be used on angled roof applications and MultiVent10 for ridge cap applications.

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