BECK America®

The RoofLoc® SCRAIL® system was developed to install metal roofing and facades quickly and efficiently. Two times faster than collated screws, and eight times faster than bulk screws, this performance could only be achieved through the combination of the pneumatic Roofing Installation Tool and the patented RoofLoc® SCRAIL®. The tool design allows for excellent ergonomics and tool balance, which promotes better ease of use, even on the longest, toughest jobs.

Maze Nails

Maze is the exclusive manufacturer of Stormguard double hot-dipped galvanized nails with a lifetime warranty against rust. In business since 1848, Maze offers a full line of specialty nails in bulk for hand driving and in collated sticks and coils for popular pneumatic nailers. Maze has been serving the post-frame industry for many years, providing painted rubber washer nails for corrugated roofing and siding. Maze post-frame nails meet the all-important ASTM F 1667 specification. In addition, Maze manufactures nails for fiber cement siding products, cedar and redwood sidings, fencing, decking and roofing. Maze nails are proudly made in the USA in Peru, Illinois.

Triangle Fastener Corporation

Panel-Tite metal-to-wood screws includes TFC’s patent-pending Burr-Buster thread that reduces burrs and provides better resistance to back-out. Choose from #9, #10, #12, and #14 diameter screws in carbon steel or stainless steel. For more than 40 years, Triangle Fastener Corporation has specialized in supplying hard-to-find fasteners, sealants, tools and accessories for construction. TFC offers job-site support, and can help you select the correct fastener for your application from any of 23 locations.

East Coast Fasteners

East Coast Fasteners produces durable fasteners for all combinations of building materials. The Ply-Lo Extreme line of fasteners is designed for extreme environments. The Ply-Lo Driller is the latest innovative addition to the company’s fastener line, designed to save contractors time and money. The Ply-Lo Driller features a patent pending design intended to be more forgiving than other fasteners. This means the tip is designed to reduce the likelihood of “walking” when fasteners are driven at a slight angle. Less walking means quicker and easier installation as well as a reduction in material damage and waste. The Ply-Lo Driller is available in colors to match virtually any panel as a #10 fastener in lengths of 1, 1-1/2, 2, 2-1/2 and 3 inches. 

Dynamic Fastener

Dynamic Fasteners offers a variety of specialized fasteners, including the D.F. brand self-drilling screws made for stitching and sheet-to-structural applications; pole barn fasteners for attaching up to 18 gauge sheet metal to wood; and clip screws that require a low-clearance head when fastening to steel or wood. Fasteners are available in stainless steel and with the Dyna-Coat 1,000 hour salt spray premium coating. 

Leland Industries

Leland boasts the fastener industry’s first “long-life” powder coating warranty to match WeatherX, Perspectra-cote and matte finish paint systems.  Leland has a complete line of fasteners for residential roofing, wood-frame or steel-frame projects. Self-drilling and self-tapping screws available in #10, #12 and #14 diameters, in lengths to eight inches. Fasteners manufactured in carbon or stainless steel, and powder coated to match panel colors.  Leland’s powder coating covers the head and under it where corrosion begins. 

DB Building Fasteners

DB Building Fasteners carries a complete line of sheet-to-wood fasteners in #9 and #14 diameter up to 3 inches long and coated in DB’s long-life Mag coating. DB also carries a complete line of self-drilling fasteners along with in-house closure stamping and fastener painting. DB can custom color match any color including metallics and chameleon colors. 

ST Fastening Systems

ST Fastening Systems manufactures and supplies steel-frame and post-frame screws. Drill quality and corrosion resistance are showcased on the Maxx SteelBinder and WoodBinder MB with micro-bit technology. This point eliminates the slow-drill or no-drill complaint about sharp-point screws. All standard metal-to-wood screws have transitioned to this point, including the increasingly popular ZXL WoodBinder zinc-aluminum alloy head for 40-year-warranty roof systems. Solid and vented foam closures, pipe flashings, pancake- and wafer-head screws for standing seam roofs round out the product line.


SFS ConnexTite structural wood screw line is ideal for single and multi-ply truss, column header and joist applications, providing quicker installation and lower installed costs versus carriage bolts or ring shanked nails.  Featuring a large flange head and aggressive thread design ensures quick, tight connections.  The ribbed point cuts through the densest lumber without splitting. ConnexTite fasteners  install with an impact gun and T25 or T40 bit and carry IBC 1603 approval for structural connections. 

Levi’s Building Components

The Fastgrip #10 MINI-DRILLER has all of the specs that make the Fastgrip #10 Hi-Lo the go-to fastener, but with the added MINI-DRILLER point. The MINI-DRILLER makes easy work of driving through metal panels, while the Hi-Lo thread provides superior pull-out strength in metal to wood applications.

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