Kennedy Insulation Group

Versola Insulation is manufactured with the highest quality raw materials available. Preventative components to safeguard against deterioration and degradation are added at levels higher than industry standards. Our state-of-the-art bubble lamination machine produces seamless rolls up to 6’ in width. Reflective insulation is ALL we do! Made in the USA

Tape Products Company (TPC)

TPC Tape Products Company is a national distributor for rFOIL reflective insulation. rFOIL is designed to control heat gain or loss and prevent interior condensation in all types of metal and metal-clad buildings, walls, ceilings, crawl spaces, basements, attics, duct work, between joists, under roofing substrates, and under concrete. Reflective insulation reflects 97% radiant heat. Emseal expandable foam tape sealant and RidgeVent polyrethane foam are also available for added insulation and protection.

Hitz Halter

Hitz Halter by Hershey’s the Metal Meister is the superior insulation for all below-grade applications. Developed through intensive research and real-life testing at the company’s base in central Illinois, this termite-resistant insulation is manufactured from only the highest quality virgin materials, does not waterlog, does not compress under concrete, and therefore retains its R-value steadfastly even after many years. Hitz Halter is your long-term answer for tremendous energy savings!


Northwestern Ohio Foam Products manufactures high-performance insulation for the agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial construction markets. MicroFoil, Solex, and Performance Star lines of reflective material are high-quality products offering outstanding features and benefits, including multiple options and R-Values for all your building needs. The Barrier Radiant Floor Under Slab Insulation provides an ideal solution for radiant-heated slab projects.

MWI Components

TempShield is a technologically-advanced insulation material ideal for new construction or retrofit installation in residential, commercial, industrial, metal buildings and post-frame buildings. It consists of one or two layers of Barrier Bubble air cellular material laminated between layers of aluminum foil to provide excellent thermal resistance. Offered is a Class A/Class 1 fire rating on white poly/foil insulation. It’s available in standard widths of 48 inches and special order widths up to 120 inches.


DripStop from Filc USA helps fight condensation without insulation. DripStop traps and holds condensation as it forms until it evaporates back into the air. It arrives at the job site already installed on the steel; saving time and money by eliminating one step of the building process. In addition, DripStop provides a significant layer of protection against corrosion, particularly in animal confinement.

rFoil / Covertech

rFOIL-2600 series is designed to control heat gain/loss in all types of post frame buildings. It blocks 96 percent of radiant heat transfer, is guaranteed not to delaminate, crack, peel or flake; and carries an unmatched 10 YEAR guarantee on material and labor. rFoil contains UV inhibitors and anti-oxidants for long-term durability, is tested to ASTM G-155 for UV resistance and facing surface degradation, has better thermal value and condensation control than fiber glass insulation, and boasts a class 1/A Fire Rating and passes NFPA-286 full room burn test.

Plyco Corporation

Ply-Foil is a multi-layer, reflective insulation for use in specialty and standard construction projects. Two outer layers reflect 97 percent of radiant heat. Each layer of foil is bonded to a layer of polyethylene for strength. Inner layers resist conductive heat flow while a center layer of polyethylene gives Ply-Foil additional strength. Perfect for new construction or retofit.

Reflectix, Inc.

The Reflectix® Double Reflective Insulation is the most versatile, widely distributed, energy-efficient product that we manufacture. The characteristics that make it so attractive include ease-of-handling and installation, more than 40+ commercial and residential construction applications, and a large selection of product configurations to accommodate the vast majority of applications/buildings. Distribution of our Double Reflective Insulation is worldwide through do-it-yourself retailers, contractor sales groups and industrial/commercial building products suppliers.

Indiana Warm Floors

Scott Patton, owner of radiant heat systems has been in business since 1979. Radiant is the best for comfort and efficiency in residential, commercial and farm projects. Pole barn houses use Combi boilers for heat and hot water. Snow Melt systems are very popular, as well. Pex tubing, placed 9-12 inches off center and the Glycol solution is heated with gas or electric. Systems are installed, or provided as a kit, to builders and contractors in the Midwest and beyond.

EDCO Products

EDCO Products has introduced two new colors to its award-winning Infiniti Textured Shake roofing. Weathered Wood, with enhanced shadow lines, provides a stunning, genuine wood shake appearance. Roadhouse mimics a weathered rustic steel appearance that is highly desirable for residential roofing and sidewall applications. Our proprietary technology gives the appearance of rust without the degradation of actual rust unlike other rustic metal roofing products. Both products have a 40-year fade protection with a lifetime warranty.

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