AkzoNobel has launched TRINAR TC (Tough Coat), a new PFOA-free PVDF coil coating system that provides increased scratch, abrasion, and stain resistance across diverse applications, including metal roofing, building, and construction.

Tailored to the coil coating market, TRINAR TC is formulated from AkzoNobel’s latest proprietary resin and pigment formulation technology to strengthen product performance and hardness, providing increased resistance during and after transport, fabrication, and installation. In addition, it is more resistant to dirt and stains, so owners enjoy less maintenance and lower costs to keep the building looking newer for longer.

TRINAR TC is manufactured in an advanced facility to ensure pinpoint color targeting and quality consistency while improving flow and leveling to increase productivity at our coaters. This new formulation is available in a broad range of color and aesthetic options to match trends and project needs.

AkzoNobel’s robust evaluation program confirms that TRINAR TC resists abrasions better than competitors, even in higher temperatures, such as during installation on a hot roof.