Every roll-forming machine has moving parts that have the potential to cause severe workplace injuries such as crushed fingers or hands, or even worse. That’s why OSHA-compliant safety guards are essential for protecting workers from preventable injuries.

ASC Machine Tools uses swing guards in combination with Allen-Bradley Guardmaster on most of its trim and panel roll-forming lines. As soon as the operator opens the swing guard, the single beam between transmitter and receiver is blocked and causes an E-Stop. 

This guard package allows easy, fast and safe access to the equipment for maintenance or profile adjustments. Guards that are difficult to remove and reinstall increase equipment downtime, and frustrated operators may leave the guards off the equipment. 

And please, make your employees read the machine manual to prevent serious injuries. Only individuals who have read the manual thoroughly and comply with all recommended safety guidelines are qualified to use, maintain and operate the roll-forming equipment. THINK FIRST, ACT SECOND!

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