By RB Staff

Many builders and contractors are still having difficulties finding the supplies they need. In a world where labor and supply chains have broken down and pricing is unstable, it’s not surprising that it is taking a while to come back together. We’ve asked many of our contacts in the industry what they have that is ready to go so that our readers  know where to go to get what they need.

Who’s Got the Goods?

The majority of Simpson Strong-Tie’s Strong Drive fasteners are produced domestically and are in stock and ready to ship. They have quick turn-around; if you order by noon they can usually send orders out the same day. 

Plasti-Sleeve specializes in post frame decking, and depending on the size needed, they can ship now.

Andalina Torres of Levi’s Components states that Levi’s is fully stocked and ready to ship. They have experienced no real supply chain issues. If you order their screws and accessories by 11a.m., they ship the same day.

S-5 has innovated new and automated manufacturing processes to hold cost escalations to minimal single digits. And, because they have a large distribution network, S-5! products are available for immediate shipment from 50-plus locations in the U.S. and Canada.

Stock inventory
When other suppliers are struggling with inventory, Maze Nails has a warehouse full of nails ready for immediate shipment.

All of Maze Nail’s products are made in America and they have worked with the same loyal vendors for a very long time. For those reasons, and since Maze keeps a lot of raw material on hand, they  have been able to help some businesses who couldn’t get materials and sales are up 10-15%. They have only turned away huge orders for interior product. They use higher grade steel for exterior fasteners. Maze can ship an order of a pallet or two the next day. Smaller orders can UPS the next day.

Zach Rhyne at Tri-State Lumber says that CCA-treated 6 x 6 timbers for pole barns are ready to go by the truckload. 

Likewise, 3GM has steel available to ship by the truckload.

Kent Haney at Atlas can ship wood fastening products and everyday lead times are 2-3 days.

Scott Abraham at Boral Roofing said that their stone coated steel roofing, the roofing with a traditional asphalt look but the durability of steel, is ready to go. Other items are maybe a week out; he’s seen as little as 3 days.

Rick Kennedy of the Kennedy Insulation Group says that they have managed to maintain their usual lead times of 4-7 business days on their single and double bubble reflecting insulation in 4’ and 6’ widths.

Snap Z has a 24-hour shipping turn-around time on their ventilation components for standing seam panels, according to John Lapp. 

Trac-Rite is ready to ship the majority of their product, with the exception of a few springs, which may have lead times of 4-7 weeks and brush seals which are a few days out according to Chris O’Hearn and Tim Shorn.

Metal Wholesale’s Brandon Fox reports that they ship fast, often the next day. They have very short lead times, and they make it easy for new lumber yard customers.

Wood trusses, posts and siding are ready to ship from K&K Industries according to Jason Hawkins. He says a few sizes may be short, but for the most part K&K has it.

Precoat Metals coats and paints metal coil for customers, and in these times of difficulty locating supplies, they have really stepped up their service. They help their customers locate coil and direct them to suppliers that have the coil they’re looking for.

If you are looking for fastening tools, Beck has them. Their supplies have remained steady throughout the pandemic and supply chain issues. They have low profile and low cap framing nailers ready to ship.

Tuftex has acrylic sneeze guards ready to ship.

Northern Building Components has nearly everything ready to ship and they carry just about all the accessories you need for a post frame building: sealants, metal wrap, underlayment, screws, vented closures, snow guards, cupolas and more. RB