Dynamic Fastener has released a new version of its popular Tool and Fastener Hand Guide.  This 140-page, full-color free gem provides concise answers to questions pertaining to fastener applications, engineering data, availability of types, size ranges, and fastener materials specific to the metal building industry.  In addition to discussing screws and anchors, the guide provides prices and other useful information relating to flashings, sealants, insulation tapes, safety equipment, hand tools, power tools, and more.  The 2021 publication includes details on the Dyna-Guard snow retention system for metal roofs.  It also includes information about the company’s new rivet initiative that resulted in a stock level of 100 million rivets with 75 million pre-painted in more than 100 different colors.  To obtain your free 140-page hand guide, call (800) 821-5448.