By Linda Schmid

Many of our readers do not know what the Building Progress Award is, perhaps partly because it is fairly new, so I thought we could shine a light on it. This award was developed to recognize and celebrate builders who have made an impact in the industry. 

A builder can make an impact in many ways. Perhaps they developed a solution to a problem that has become a standard. Maybe they have spent time developing talent, employing, and training a new generation of tradespeople. They may have made their mark on the industry by contributing supplies, manpower, or money to organizations that help provide people with homes or build communities. Or they may have given their time to education; helping workers at seminars, in classrooms, and at trade shows. 

All of these people deserve to have their contributions lauded because without them, the industry would be inefficient, would dwindle to nothing, would have no heart, and standards overall would lower.

Maybe reading this description of a Building Progress Award nominee sparked recognition in you; you know someone like this and you would be proud to nominate them for the award. Even if it did not, think about it and I’ll bet you can think of someone who, though they may not toot their own horn, has quietly impacted the  industry for the better.

The Building Progress Nomination Form can be found here. Please take a moment to nominate someone worthy!