Your company’s success depends on your timely project completion…you need suppliers with quality service and products! 

Knowing who you can turn to is the motive behind Rural Builders annual Gold Key program. From the very beginning, in 1983, we were going directly to users to ask for their feedback regarding which companies were doing the best job of providing the best products, the best services, and at the best prices.

Originally, we could only rely on feedback through the U.S. Postal Service. Now, in addition to “snail mail,” we also use online voting and email voting to get our results.

In the first year of this process, 27 suppliers to the rural building industry were recognized and honored with an award plaque. This year, five companies join the “Gold Key Club”: Beck America, Hixwood, I-Beam Sliding Doors, Janus International, and Roll Former LLC. PLUS, this year’s honorary Gold Key of Service is awarded to the International Rescue Committee which helps people caught up in humanitarian crises such as war, drought, and more.

Learn more on the pages ahead as many of the companies share additional information about their products and services. In each case, the number of gold keys won correspond to the number of years the company has received the award.

CONGRATULATIONS to this year’s winners!