By Linda Schmid

The end of the year is right around the corner. Between trying to get my feet under me, helping get a few editions out the door, and attending my first trade show in South Bend, Indiana, the time has flown. 

I enjoyed meeting some of you at the show. I asked many of you how you felt about working with Shield Wall Media, and you can see a few of the answers I received at right. 

This edition of Rural Builder is a preview for the Frame Building Expo that will be held January 18-20, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee. You will find information about what to do in Nashville,  expo speakers, profiles of the exhibitors, and a few of their new products on pages 42-63. 

Many practical issues are addressed in this edition also. First, if you have ever wondered what structural insulated panels (SIPS) could do for you, check out our article on page 14 and learn about their pros and cons. Discover how some suppliers and builders limit waste and save money on page 40. Find out how you may be able to secure your  jobsite without a hefty pricetag on page 22. 

Finally, we’ve highlighted four versions of construction visualizers, each featuring different functions with a variety of benefits for users. Head to page 26 to compare and see how they could be of use to your business.

Linda Schmid
managing editor
[email protected]