The fourth generation of Metal Devil circular saw blades from The M. K. Morse Company sets a new precedent for cutting performance. The Metal Devil line features a versatile family of blades for cutting steel, stainless steel, and aluminum/non-ferrous materials.

With multiple blade sizes for each application, the line can partner with any tool, from handfed to chop saws, to make faster, cooler, cleaner cuts with a smooth, burr-free finish with virtually no rework.

Premium grade materials improve blade durability and maximize blade life. A thin kerf blade creates less heat for a faster cut and less battery drain when using cordless tools. Optimized tooth geometry reduces vibration for improved surface finish, less rework and enhances blade versatility.

Each of the three blade applications offer unique features and benefits. The steel cutting blades have a 220 percent longer life in steel plate than the previous generation of Metal Devil blades, and last more than 30 percent longer than competitors when cutting Unistrut and square tubing.

The aluminum/non-ferrous cutting blade boasts 153 percent longer life than competitors in 80/20, and 48 percent longer life in aluminum plate.

The stainless steel cutting blades have 328 percent longer life than competitors when used on stainless steel tube.

All blade life information is based on internal product testing results.