INOX introduces its first smart lock, the ISM7000 Series Smart Mortise Entry Set. Available in any finish, trim or lever set, the Series Smart Entry provides a hardware solution for owners of mixed-use properties to customize lock settings at multiple locations.

Qianyan Cheng, INOX cofounder and Vice President of Product Research and Development said, “INOX innovated to provide the first hardware solution for users who need multiple smart locks spread across different properties such as: multifamily unit entries, boutique hotels, gyms, laundry rooms, or any situation where a user may need to secure their property with their smartphone. The ISM7000 Series Smart Entry is the best of both worlds, form and function that seamlessly secure your property.”

Key hardware features of the ISM7000:

• Patent pending 3-hour fire rated mortise lock that supports locking and unlocking using mobile phone or remotely via low energy BLE/WIFI gateway.

• Entry function complete with programmable Passage and Privacy modes and optional mechanical key override. The lock’s Passage mode can be activated with an interior function.

• The lock provides premium performance with ANSI Grade 1 commercial mortise construction.

This hardware can be controlled with the accompanying smartphone application anywhere in the world, as well as a backend access control system. Users can grant additional access with secure RFID e-keys.