One of the building industry’s leading providers of quality railing systems, Fortress Building Products debuts its latest offering, Fe²⁶ Axis horizontal steel railing. The on-trend horizontal steel railing makes it easy for residential building professionals to enclose an outdoor living space with a design-oriented system that melds style and performance. Incredibly versatile, Fe²⁶ Axis can also be used in indoor applications. Fe²⁶ Axis is the newest infill option for Fe²⁶, Fortress Building Products’ current steel railing system, and is available across its North American dealer network.

An answer to continued demand for personalized outdoor spaces, Fe²⁶ Axis horizontal steel railing brings strength and a contemporary aesthetic to the perimeter of decks, front porches, patios and balconies. With a minimalist appearance, Fe²⁶ Axis features horizontal steel panels that make outdoor living areas of any size feel larger, brighter and more open. Offered in Black Sand, Fe²⁶ Axis can also be used for indoor applications, making it possible for residential building professionals to ensure a seamless design aesthetic between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Fe²⁶ Axis horizontal steel railing is a panelized system that residential building professionals can install quickly. Posts with pre-attached brackets further support a straightforward installation process while guaranteeing consistency and quality along the perimeter of a deck. A durable, low-maintenance building material, steel won’t rot, warp or deteriorate over time. This means that Fe²⁶ Axis can resist the damaging effects of weathering in nearly any type of environment.
Further preserving the system’s overall appearance, FortressShield technology provides enhanced corrosion resistance and UV protection. Fe²⁶ Axis horizontal steel railing has a 15-year limited warranty.