Simpson Strong-Tie has introduced the MTWS mass timber washer strap as a versatile, off-the-shelf, load-tested option for a variety of cross-laminated timber (CLT) panel-to-panel and panel-to-steel connections in mass timber construction.

Mass timber projects can use a hybrid of materials and require strap and hold-down connections with two to three times the capacity of light-frame connections. The MTWS washer strap, engineered for high strength and stiffness, uses 10% to 20% fewer fasteners, boosting productivity and efficiency on jobsite, eliminating custom fabrication of connector straps.

“The MTWS washer strap provides a pre-engineered, tested solution to replace expensive, shop-fabricated steel plates,” says Randy Daudet, director of Global Offsite Construction at Simpson Strong-Tie. “The use of inclined screws and washers reduces the number of fasteners needed to achieve load, which helps boost productivity for mass timber contractors.”