Starwood Rafters was founded in 1964 as a manufacturer of laminated arch rafters and beams. Starting out in Independence, Wisconsin, it was a three-man operation, with the original owners, Joseph Wozney and his two partners, working nights after working at their regular jobs. They shipped mainly to Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and the Dakotas.

In the early 1970s, they developed the Lam-Ply Truss, combining plywood, glu-lams and dimensional lumber to create a truss that is stronger than a conventional web truss. This allows the builder to space them farther apart, reducing erection time and labor costs. This design also limits bird nesting and improves the ventilation in livestock facilities.

The Lam-Ply Truss can span up to 80′ and is used in many applications, from machinery storage to livestock facilities, from horse arenas to park shelters. It also has been developed with a gambrel-style and a mono-slope design. All Starwood products are custom-designed to meet customers’ specifications.

Today, Joseph’s sons, Corey Wozney and Steve Wozney, operate the company. Still in Independence, Wisconsin, Starwood Rafters now ships products anywhere in the U.S. Starwood Rafters’ biggest asset is its ability to be flexible to meet its customers’ needs. There is no job too big or too small. 

We produce:

• Lam-Ply Truss

• Gambrel Lam-Ply Truss

• Mono Lam-Ply Truss

• I-Lam Beam

• Laminated gothic arches

• Timber and specialty trusses
       made to customers’ designs