By Linda Schmid

We look to economics professors and analysts for answers about the state of the economy, but for predictions regarding the construction industry, we turn to you. The suppliers and contractors and folks who work in the industry are probably better indicators of where the industry is headed than economic experts who are trying to analyze the economy as a whole. At least, that’s what we believe here at Shield Wall Media and that’s why we asked you to take a survey on that very subject. Though the response rates were not high, we did get some insight regarding peoples’ perceptions of where the industry is headed.

See page 18 to find out what some of your peers say about the State of the
Industry. For a look back at the industry, check out Flashback: 1974 on page 10.

Our Top 10 Product Winners are listed on page 24. Be sure to congratulate the suppliers if you talk to them. 

We’re trying something new this year: articles about interior options. See page 31 for our article about helping customers choose a countertop. More such articles are planned for the future, including lighting and flooring. Is this helpful? Are there more specific concerns you would like us to cover? Let us know what you think.

Linda Schmid, managing editor 
[email protected]

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