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Wick Buildings provides custom-designed and engineered buildings through a network of independent builders for residential, agricultural, commercial, suburban and equestrian use. With more than 75,000 buildings construct-ed in the past 65-plus years, Wick Buildings knows what it takes to create a building that will stand the test of time—and all that Mother Nature cares to send its way.

Wick Buildings

Flexible Design. One of our biggest ad-vantages is design flexibility, both outside and inside. With a clear-span capability of 100’ in width, Wick Buildings can incorporate interior build-outs and the addition of wings and leans for additional space.

Energy Efficiency. Energy efficiency is a hallmark of Wick Buildings. Wall and roof steel “cool colors” can be selected with sun reflectivity in mind to reduce roof temperatures up to 100°F. With several ceiling insulation options and insulated flush wall configurations, interiors are cozy, draft -free and ready for interior build-out.

Customization. Wick works with independent builders to customize each design around the needs of the buyer and local building codes. Wick Buildings’ Licensed Professional Engineers can provide stamped plans for code approvals.

High-Quality Materials. High tensile steel (80,000 PSI) on the exterior is the starting point to ensure durability and impact resistance against hail and wind-blown objects. G-90 zinc coating is applied for excellent corrosion resistance and finished with Ceram-a-Star 1050 Paint System for long-lasting beauty. All structural components utilize Machine Stress Rated (MSR) or Machine Evaluated Lumber (MEL) to make sure each Wick building will stand the test of time!

Technology and Support. Our state-of-the-art 3D visualization and pricing tools allow you to design it right from the start. Your support team at Wick helps reduce your time spent in nonproductive activities. Sell more and make more money with Wick Buildings. RB