Starwood Rafters

Starwood Rafters’ laminated wood products include Lam-Ply Truss, the company’s most popular product. It combines plywood with glulams and dimensional lumber for stronger trusses that can be spaced farther apart. It can be used in many applications.

Rigidply Rafters

Glue-laminated arches, beams, posts and timber trusses manufactured by Rigidply Rafters Inc. give beauty a completely new meaning. Rigidply also manufactures metal-plated roof and floor trusses, tongue-and-groove and V-groove decking and offers a complete line of post-frame building materials to complete your project. 


Keep your reputation out of the dirt—stop building on temporary foundations. Your customers deserve permanent solutions. Perma-Column precast concrete columns outperform traditional wood posts and easily integrate into your current building process. For poured concrete foundations, Sturdi-Wall and Sturdi-Wall Plus Brackets simplify post-frame construction. Capitalize on post-frame construction done right. Perma-Column promises to help you “Build better, build stronger, build to last.”

Plasti-Sleeve Post Protection

First on the market by many years, Plasti-Sleeve literally created the foundation alternative category for post-frame construction. The clean fitting, easy-to-use, slide-on Post Protection sleeves provide the economical protection that many post-frame customers now expect. Quality black polyethylene plastic, more than 20 specialized sizes, and great pricing make Plasti-Sleeve a smart choice for post protection. Market leadership has continued with Short-Sleeve, for economical grade-level post protection, and Plasti-Skirt, an easy-to-use plastic skirt board protector.

Post Protector Inc.

Everyone knows that wood in ‘ground-contact’ is not the optimum environment for maximum longevity performance. The easy-to-install, slide-on Post Protector and snap-on, compression-fit Skirt-Board Protector retain the speed, simplicity, affordability and strength of traditional post frame, while eliminating all ground-contact.  Builders report that an impressive 60-70 percent of their customers opt for Post Protector products when given the option, while others prudently make the system standard so every customer benefits.

Levi’s Building Components

Uplift Plates from Levi’s Building Components are designed to help the post-frame builder save time, money and meet or exceed the post uplift requirements for concreted posts. These inexpensive plates can be field applied with just a framing hammer, eliminating the need for extra tools and time associated with rebar and other uplift technology. They’re lightweight, easy to handle and easy to install. They are low cost and stronger than rebar and protect the center of the post by eliminating exposure to the elements, thereby resisting decay.

Graber Post  Buildings Inc.

Graber Post Buildings Inc. has been known for more than 30 years as a producer and supplier of quality building products to the post-frame industry. GPB Nail Lam column is another one of its top-quality products. This column has a #1 SPIB certified finger joint and GPB’s program is inspected to ensure that its columns meet the high standards that its customers expect. GPB Nail Lam Columns will save you time and money on your next project.

Planet Saver Industries

Green Post from Planet Saver Industries is an affordable, all-in-one solution for in-ground post decay, treatment retention and uplift restraint. Green Post double-layer wrap is factory heat-sealed to the lumber, and delivered ready to install with uplift restraint notches. When used with cement, this technique provides maximum anchorage characteristics, resisting post withdrawal generated by wind load. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and termite tested. Richland Laminated Columns LLC, is the newest distributor and manufacturer for Green Post in the Midwest.

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