Arcitell Announces Partnership with Advanced Aluminum

by Karen Knapstein

Arcitell, LLC recently announced an exclusive distribution agreement for its flagship product, Qora Cladding, with Advanced Aluminum of Polk County, Inc., based in Lakeland, Florida. Advanced Aluminum is one of largest suppliers of steel and aluminum roofing and siding components for agricultural, commercial, and  residential use in the Florida and Georgia markets. This agreement makes Advanced Aluminum the exclusive distributor of Qora Cladding to the Manufactured Housing and Shed/Portable Building Markets, and non-exclusive distributor for residential and light commercial construction in the states of Florida and Georgia.

Qora Cladding is the easy-to-install cladding product that resembles the time-honored look of stone without compromising performance or aesthetic appeal. Lightweight yet durable, it is the only stone cladding product that is indistinguishable from the real thing.

Advanced Aluminum was formed to cater to the shed industry in Florida and Georgia before expanding to include steel roofing materials in order to diversify and meet the needs of a larger customer base. Most recently, Advanced Aluminum added the Permatile Division which was created to produce simulated Mediterranean tile roofing in both aluminum and steel. 

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