By Rural Builder Staff

Vanguard Smoke and Fire Curtains is the premier distributor/installer of the BLE ResQ Window with a UL-certified vision panel allowing first responders and occupants to see through the curtains to safely evacuate. In addition, Vanguards BLE smoke curtain systems are code compliant, designed and constructed to fit unique shapes and sizes acting as a secure smoke barrier at elevator hoistway entrances. 

The BLE RESQ Window is made of an ultra-high-strength clear transparent fabric containing silicone resins, making it an extremely highly durable fire curtain to withstand temperatures reaching 1832 degrees F for up to 3 hours. This permits responders to secure a safe evacuation for occupants.

Vanguard Fire and Smoke Curtains are installed in elevator hoistway entrances, corridors, doorways, building lobbies, atriums, and other spaces where people may travel as part of an egress evacuation route, or requires a code-compliant smoke/fire protection device.

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