KYOCERA SENCO Industrial Tools, a global leader in professional power fastening technology, has introduced two new, powerful metal connector nailers that fire 2-½” nails commonly required in hurricane and seismic zones. 

The JN91P1 and JN91P2 pneumatic metal connector nailers are used for fastening pre-punched metal structural connectors like joist hangers, seismic/hurricane straps and rafter ties. They deliver 10% more power than competing nailers and previous-generation tools. Increased power allows consistent, complete sinking of nails in ultra-dense engineered lumber used for structural beams. 

Both tools shoot 1-½” to 2-½” nails ranging from .131 to .162 inches in diameter. The JN91P1 features a short magazine that holds a single rack of 34° paper tape-collated nails, offering a high degree of mobility between joists and rafters. The JN91P2’s extended magazine can accommodate two racks of nails, allowing users to maintain higher production rates with fewer reloads.

These nailers feature innovative nosepieces that lead with a point for accurate placement into pre-punched holes, overmolded grips for comfort and control, adjustable exhaust ports that direct blowback away from the user, heavy-duty steel belt/rafter hooks, and lockouts that prevent dry firing and signals the user when it’s time to reload.