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Neatly tucked away down an old country road just outside Montgomery, Indiana, sets the impressive Graber Post Buildings (GPB) sales office and manufacturing complex. Forged from humble and modest beginnings, in 1973 Glen Graber started GPB with the help of three other Amish carpenters. His purpose was to start a business to provide for his entire family. 

As a skilled carpenter, Graber knew that providing the best quality materials and craftsmanship while erecting post-frame buildings would be a key factor to his success. Graber stated: “One thing that really helps us is the people here know how to work. We are in an Amish-Mennonite community where kids begin using hand and power tools at very early ages.”  

Graber Post Buildings

In 1987, the supply chain issues helped him make one of his biggest business decisions ever. He invested in a computerized roll-former to produce his own steel roofing and siding panels. This was a major risk in the early stages of his business, but it yielded great opportunity for future growth. And it came. 

During the 90s, Graber Post added a retail hardware segment, allowing Graber to serve walk-in customers and local community. They were purchasing and producing more products than required, allowing them to use inventory to distribute to other builders and contractors, setting up a future wholesaler network. 

Today, Graber Post Buildings services over 25 states and a long list of great customers who understand the quality, craftsmanship and customer service that the Graber name offers. Graber has passed some duties to his son-in-law Chad Wilson. Wilson and his management team work to keep up the same quality and customer service that Graber is known for. 

GPB is your source for quality post-frame building and metal roofing materials, providing everything needed for building or roofing projects. RB