At MWI Components, we offer specialized metal products for customers in the post frame building industry. We are honored to receive our 19th consecutive Gold Key of Excellence, because it affirms we have upheld our values: quick delivery, excellent service and innovative products that make building on the job site easier.

Since 1985, we have manufactured cupolas. We provide a variety of sizes including: 24″ x 24″, 36″ x 36″, 48″ x 48″, 66″ x 66″ square cupolas, as well as 48″ and 84″ octagon cupolas. Another one of our original products, the Ridg-Vent®, comes in six different styles, with wider flange options available. Soffit is also available at MWI in either steel or aluminum with four different trim profiles. We provide pre-painted steel products in over 100 colors, and we can match almost any metal building color available. This variety of rooftop products is designed to help our customers deliver the exact buildings their clients envision.

We take pride as a leading manufacturer of equine accessories. With horse stalls, Dutch Doors and Sliding Doors, we help builders achieve the perfect balance between aesthetic and functionality. With an in-house powder coat paint line offering over 50 unique colors, customers no longer have to settle for white doors or black stalls. Instead, they can find the exact color combination to fit their needs. We have also recently added a new horse stall latch to our product line, the Vault Latch™. With a simple grill bar pull system, this latch is sleeker than ever. Plus, the talon-like latch is located at the top of the stall, so horse play is minimized!

We take pride in manufacturing a complete line of round and square track hardware for all industrial, post frame, farm and commercial buildings. In late 2006, MWI purchased the slide door track and hardware division of Lawrence Hardware, the original creator of the square track slide door systems. This enables us to offer a complete selection of American-made round and square track hardware.

We are also proud to offer the Sabre Slim, a new door latch that offers the security of our popular Sabre Latch®. However, the Sabre Slim utilizes a standard 1½” quick frame. With an exterior-lockable, polished stainless-steel handle, the Slim measures just under 4½” tall. It has a zinc-plated center case with an inside handle, as well. The quick-mount bracket design installs within minutes to our MWI 2200 Series Vertical Rail. The ½” latch rod securely retains split sliders when used in conjunction with our BC85S Center Door Guide, a heavy ¼” thick zinc-plated steel-construction receiver that provides drive over protection. The center door guide ensures a split slider door coupling is complete and secure, and it surface mounts in a variety of applications.

For those seeking a heavy-duty jamb latch for 3.5″ sliding doors, the new, first of its kind in the post frame industry, Raptor Latch® at MWI is perfect. This is the strongest latch available at MWI Components, and it comes fully assembled with a locating feature for quick installation. The two adjustable rods wrap around the girt bracket assembly for the ultimate, tight-holding grip!

We appreciate our customers’ support, and we look forward to serving our clients’ needs as they grow. | 800-360-6467

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