Gear Keeper’s new ANSI-121 compliant, heavy-tool retractable tether’s low profile keeps tools weighing up to 3.5 lbs. close to the body when retracted while still allowing complete accessibility when needed. Workers do not have to dance around a long, dangling tether or drag their tool on the floor.

Engineered with user-ergonomics and safety in mind, the RT3-5605’s durable, impact-absorbing nylon webbing does not require an additional shock-absorbing lanyard end. Tools are attached via a stainless steel, thumb-controlled, locking-gate carabiner. The retractor mechanism’s low 7 oz. tension of the lanyard allows easy use, safely avoiding interference with the work being performed and still remains strong enough to keep the tether’s 4-1/2-foot line taut and out of the way. Also, when the tool is retracted, lanyard exposure is minimized to avoid snagging, especially when the tool is also placed in a tool bag/pouch.

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