This Unique Boathouse in northern Wisconsin, near Manitowish Waters, was designed to blend into its surroundings. The combination of metal roofing with walls constructed of metal, wood, and plaster, makes for an almost indestructible storage facility.

“We really wanted this structure to go away from a distance and be a pleasant surprise as you got closer,” said Douglas Kozel, AIA, founding partner at KEE Architecture of Madison, Wisconsin. “The color, texture and material helped with that. It’s supposed to be a modest structure despite the great amount of detail.”

Kozel said metal roofing was chosen for this project to allow for the shedding of snow and other debris, such as leaves and pine needles.

Several unique roofing details required the finesse of a crew who knows how to get metal to perform exactly the way the crew wants it to. Lou Rondeau, owner of Natural Metal Associates of Mont Vernon, New Hampshire, along with team members Keith Rondeau and Mark Melone, journeyed to Wisconsin and were on the job for about six weeks, installing the roof. The zinc specified for the roofing panels and trim came in prePATINA Graphite-Grey from RHEINZINK, supplied and fabricated by Sheet Metal Supply of Mundelein, Illinois. 

Natural Metal Associates installed 2,282 square feet of mechanical lock standing seam, 773 square feet of radiused mechanical-lock standing seam, and 1,235 linear feet of flashing material. 

The installation of RHEINZINK products started with the rafter tails at the eaves. They match the rafter tails of the residential garage on the property. Each wooden rafter tail was fitted with a single piece of graphite-grey zinc that covers the top and sides. 

The unique roof features a step about 3′ up from the eaves and then is curved over the top to the opposite side. The step allows for the adding of insulation under the roofing above the overhangs, where you don’t need insulation.

Rondeau said it was challenging to keep the seams below the step aligned with the seams above the step. Panels were installed starting in the front and working toward the rounded back of the building, where panels were tapered to form a low-slope cone-shaped roof.

Panels were formed and radiused at Sheet Metal Supply and delivered to the job site. Tapered panels were measured and cut to fit by Natural Metal Associates. 

The Details:

Building: Northwoods Boathouse, KEE Architecture; Natural Metal Associates

Materials: Cor Ten; RHEINZINK
prePATINA Graphite-Grey

Architect: Douglas Kozel, AIA, KEE Architecture, Madison, Wisconsin

Installer: Natural Metal Associates, Mont Vernon, New Hampshire

Completion Date:June 2019

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