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Richland Laminated Columns was founded in 2005 by manufacturing superior laminated columns and partnering with industry leaders and innovators, therefore we have built ourselves into “Your One Stop Pole Shop.“ For the last 15 years Richland has been manufacturing Nail-Lam Columns, in 2019 we have built and installed a Glu-Lam plant to manufacture an all-Glu-Lam Column. Our Glu-Lams are completely certified through a third party inspection agency; they meet the national standards for the ATIC requirements. Now you have the option of a Nail-Lam or Glu-Lam from Richland.

Richland Laminated Columns

Richland also manufactures Perma-Columns and the Green Post and offers distribution on the Sturdi Wall Brackets and Post Protectors, Footing Pads and Concrete Prefab Post Pads … Whichever way you want to build your building and whatever foundation system you want to use, Richland will provide you with what you need to build a lifetime building.

We at Richland would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” to all our customers for your continued loyalty and support, and we look forward to a great 2022!! God Bless you all and stay safe!! RB