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rFOIL Reflective Insulation has been a leading manufacturer of thermal insulation for the metal building and metal roofing markets for nearly 35 years.  Manufactured by Covertech Inc., rFOIL has earned a reputation for quality, performance, and durability.  

rFOIL Covertech

rFOIL Reflective insulation has grown in popularity for use in metal buildings and metal roofing systems across North America for its ability to control heat transfer and to help prevent interior condensation.  

Metal building and metal roofing systems are notoriously difficult to insulate.  In the summer, enormous amounts of heat radiate from the hot metal into the structure, often raising the interior temperatures well above ambient outside air temperatures.  This is the result of the sun making the metal extremely hot, much hotter than the outside air, and essentially becoming a radiator of this heat into the structure. In cold seasons, this interior heat is a challenge to contain as well.  

The key to rFOIL’s thermal performance is the reflective aluminum surface.  Aluminum has outstanding thermal properties and reflects up to 96% of the heat that is radiating inward from the hot metal exterior.  This dramatically reduces interior heat gain.  Conventional mass insulations do virtually nothing to stop radiant heat gain.  

In cold seasons, rFOIL also helps reduce heat loss, due to its low-emittance properties.  The low emittance of rFOIL makes it more difficult for heat to radiate away from its reflective surface, thereby helping to keep heat inside.

rFOIL Reflective insulation is composed of two highly reflective aluminum surfaces, and an inner core of high-strength bubble.  The bubble core provides the added benefit of reducing interior condensation, by providing a thermal break between the exterior metal and the building interior.  A white interior facing is also a popular option.

rFOIL would like to thank the readers of Rural Builder for this Gold Key of Excellence.  We are honored by your support and confidence in our insulation products. RB