Commercial Building-Levi’s Building Components

by Kathy Welk


Messner’s Tree Service is a fast growing business in Denver, PA. Recently they decided to build a new shop and office. The building is post frame featuring ABM panel and ABSeam from AB Martin and Levi’s SnowDefender 4500 for the exposed fastener shop roof and Levi’s SnowDefender 6500 for the hidden fastener office roof.

Builder: LL Groff & Sons

Location: Denver, PA

Doors: LL Groff Wood Doors, CDF Steel Doors
Roofing/Walls: AB Martin
Panels & ProVia Stone Veneer

Timber Framing: Reihl’s

Insulation: Fiber glass blown-in insulation

Snow Handling: 

Levis Snow Defender 4500  & Levi’s SnowDefender 6500 Snowguards


Metal Industries Painted Windows

Gutters & Aluminum Trim: 

Keith Martin Sprouting

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