The customer looked for the best product that would save them time and money on interior finishing cost, was strong and would go up fast. The Tube leg building from Worldwide Steel Buildings allowed them to sheet rock to the perimeter walls with no intrusions into the finished building. It has a history of being the strongest and went up fast. The other factor was being able to customize the building with dormers, wrap around porch and use of other exterior products verses just sheet metal. Building offered a full mezzanine for economical square foot pricing.

Contractors: CCS Construction Services

Architect: AEC

Location: Peculiar, MO

Size: 50’ x 80’ x 18’

Building System: Worldwide Steel Buildings

Doors: Harvard Door

Wall & Roof Panels: Central States Manufacturing H-loc

Insulation: Kansas Closed Cell Spray Foam and Bay Insulation

Fasteners: SFS Fasteners

Posts & Wood Accents: Elmwood Reclaimed Timber

Foundation: Complete Structural Design

Trusses: Worldwide Steel Buildings