By Linda Schmid

Are you looking for ways to get your name out there? Enhance your reputation? Encourage the labor force to consider you as a viable employer? Become an acknowledged expert? If you said yes to any of those questions, you could benefit from contributing to the Rural Builder Source Book. 

Consider this: it is a FREE Photo Opp! You can tell your story of what the client was looking for and how you solved problems, met the challenges, and made their vision come true. Many companies pay dearly for that kind of publicity!

Bret Buelo of Wick Buildings believes that having projects featured in the Source Book is “great exposure for our brand to prospective builders who may be considering a source for building packages. Being published in a national publication allows builders to demonstrate the quality of their buildings to their customers, too. It gives them credibility and helps create strong impressions on prospective builders who see our projects published in a reputable 3rd party publication.”

With over 30,000 pre-qualified subscribers (all people in the industry),  the Source Book is a great place to receive free marketing impressions.

Tony Delghingaro said, “Being in the source book gives DR!PSTOP and the readers a chance to get to know each other. Even though DRIPSTOP has been sold for over 25 years now, there are still a good number of folks who are not aware that such a product exists.  

Mark Stover of Perma-Column says that being in the Source Book is about “our products and elevating pole-barns/post frame in the eyes of the consumer and builders so they understand that you can build on a permanent foundation system that eliminates the need to put wood in the ground (avoiding potential wood post decay/rot).   It  also helps the builder. They get to promote their buildings to build a competitive advantage in the marketplace – to gain awareness for their services.” 

According to Delghingaro, it can also give builders a resource that can be trusted and relied upon to provide helpful solutions. 

“We have advertised in the source book every year…that helps US sell OUR product,” Delghingaro said. “In addition,  I was told ‘The Source Book is the #1 place builders look in our industry.’ So the impression I had was, MOST people used the source book to buy, and sell.”

Take advantage of this Free Promotional Opportunity! We look forward to receiving your submission! Email [email protected]. RB

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