This business owner was tired of not getting all of their equipment out of the elements. So with the help of Delta Metals and Cover’s Construction, everything now fits inside this commercial storage building.

The building was designed for truck and equipment storage but as it was being built, the customer could see the advantage of adding some features to also allow it to be a repair shop. So they added a ceiling liner, lights, full electric for an air compressor and similar tools, and spray-foamed the walls. The floor has four trench drains to deal with water and mud. They are poured in place and when they get full, the grates are removed, and a mini excavator is used to dig out the mud. With a full concrete floor, this a very useful multi-purpose building.

building manufacturer: 

Delta Metals


80′ x 153′ x 18′

roof pitch: 


overhead doors: 

Clopay  24′ x 16′


4-ply 2×8

roof panels: 

ASC Building Products Delta Rib 29g


Two-ply free span 80-foot