This family home was built to Passive House standards and has been submitted for approval to Passive House Institute US, Inc. (PHIUS)  for certification.  

The home was built for a family of seven who loves to entertain and spend time with friends and family. The goals were multi-generational quality, low maintenance, and eliminating utility bills. The house was built with a fully “off-grid” approach. All water is captured from the metal roof. All electricity is generated with S-5! PVKIT roof-mounted solar system stored in lithium iron phosphate batteries.  

The whole house is electric yet still has all of the typical amenities. One of the biggest challenges was working with some new building materials and paying such close attention to avoiding air leaks and thermal bridges, which are key features of a Passive House.

There were also a number of supply chain delays that occurred throughout the project. From breaking ground to move-in, it took 15 months.


ME Lunz Contracting

solar panel mounts: 



Provia Embark entry doors


Trufast SIP TP panel fasteners, 6″ and 9″


Rockwool dense cellulose R-84 roof, R-41 wall

roof panels: 

Metal Sales standing seam Empire EM1-1212


Ventana USA Series 86 triple pane


Zehnder Q450 ERV


Wood, 16″ sloping flat