Hello! I’m Linda Schmid, the new editor of Rural Builder magazine. Really, I should say the BRAND-NEW editor, for I’m new, not only to the land of publishing (I come from an advertising background), but also to the construction empire. I’m excited to be here, but it is, well…different, so I am relying on all of you in the industry to help me out. Explain to me about the specific properties that make one underlayment better than another, tell me what’s going on at the construction site, reach out to me to tell me what kind of information you are interested in, and maybe even advise me when I’ve gone off the rails. I promise to do my best to make your effort worth your while.

I should tell you now that I am not completely uninitiated in the use of power tools; I’ve driven a screw or two, cut a few boards, and mixed up a batch of cement stucco. My husband is a lifetime member of the DIY club, and he has tackled projects, big and small, with me standing by holding the ladder and generally playing gofer. As a construction worker you might not think much of DIY projects, but we have managed to construct decks, remodel rooms, and even build a post frame, straw bale, off-the-grid home without the help of professionals. These projects have given me a deep appreciation for the knowledge, hard work, and dedication that goes into construction, as well as the pride that comes with a job well done.

This issue of Rural Builder focuses on helping you to locate the suppliers and manufacturers of the building materials you need for the job, from adhesives to trusses. For even more convenience, you can go to ruralbuildermagazine.com, click on “Buyers’ Guide (Business Directory),” choose the product you are looking for, and click through to manufacturers’ and suppliers’ microsites.

As I said before, I am interested in what you, our subscribers, have to say. I understand that earlier this year, the folks here at Shield Wall Media were calling you and we plan to bring that practice back. Don’t be surprised to see my phone number on your caller id. (That’s 920-659-6319.) I’ll be checking in to find out what feedback you have for me: Do you want to hear more about concrete? (We have a little bit about it in this issue.) Do you like hearing about new products? Would you like more tips about how to market your business? Your input is important; we create this magazine for you! 

Linda Schmid
managing editor
[email protected]