This pole barn home was built in Brutus, Michigan, with a foundation of column-in-ground with 4-inch poured concrete. One of its wings measures 36′ x 48′; a second wing measures 40′ x 60′. 

The owner was able to combine a living space with any possible options:

• A multi-use toy shed

• Workshop

• Extra-large garage for boats or RVs,  or so much more.

The unique type of building allows for greater floor plan flexibility, more expansive interiors, and easier construction of extra-high walls. 

Because post-frame building homes typically have columns placed 8 to 10 feet apart, instead of the conventional 1½ to 2 feet with stick-frame stud wall systems, the homeowner enjoys the fact that its reduced obstruction in the walls means more room for insulation and less chance for cold to travel through the wall.


Brutus, Michigan

building manufacturer: 

Wick Buildings


Lynnman Construction, Inc.


Wing 1: 36′ x 48′

Wing 2: 40′ x 60′


Column-in-ground with 4″ poured concrete


Dripstop®, also blown fiberglass (ceiling and walls)


Wick Buildings columns 3-Ply 2″x8″ treated columns

roof panels: 

Wick Buildings steel in Burnished Slate

exterior panels: 

Wick Buildings steel in Beige with Burnished Slate wainscoting


Andersen Windows