The City of Perry Florida was looking to redesign and renovate a down town park.  This included a “Farmers Market” that can also be used for other gatherings, concerts, etc.  Working with Fifthroom Project Advisor, CAD and engineering teams, this dream became a reality, on schedule and at budget. This project received a State-wide award for “Outstanding Public Improvement”.  

The town was so happy with this Double Roof Treated Pine Gazebo, that Fifthroom also provided a 65’ amphitheater and a 48’ x 60’ Picnic pavilion in the two years that followed, and two other utility buildings as well.

Architect and Contractor: 



Rosehead Park, Perry, Florida


60’ x 100’

Building System: 


Roof: Tamko Shingles

Simpson Strong-Tie Fasteners

Posts: 8’ x 8’ Laminated Posts