Shield Wall Media recently closed its mid-year Construction Business Climate Survey. Despite all the doom and gloom we hear on the news, the results are surprisingly good.

We divided respondents into three categories: Building Contractors, Roofing Contractors, and Building Material Dealers or Manufacturers.

Here are some of the results:

  • Year over year gross sales Q1
    ° 69% are up across all business types 
      ° Building Contractors are up the most
  • Year over year units sold for Q1
      ° 60% are the same or up slightly; 22% are down slightly
      ° In units sold, Dealers/Distributors/Manufacturers are up most
  • Year over year Profitability for Q1
      ° 44% same, 31% better.  (2021 was a record year for many!)
  • Business challenges
      ° Worker shortages were the #1 challenge for Building Contractors and Dealers/Distributors/Manufacturers
      ° Roofers were tied between material shortages and material costs
      ° Gasoline was only big for Dealers/Distributors/Manufacturers
  • Q2 gross sales 2022 vs. 2021
      ° Across all sectors, 70% are up
      ° Dealers/Distributors/Manufacturers up most
  • Q2 profitability
      ° Across all 38% up; the same is 44%
      ° Dealers/Distributors/Manufacturers are up the most
  • 2022 general outlook
      ° 54% said 2022 will result better than 2021
      ° 11% said 2022 will result the same as 2021