A red, monitor-style building had always been on this clients’ wish list, so
Remuda Building was more than excited when he approached them to help build his dream Hobby Shop. Right from the beginning of this project, emphasis was placed on getting the details right – faux slider doors, cupolas, weathervanes, and eyebrows above those beautiful overhead doors to name a few.

The interior of this building was designed to be the ultimate Hobby Shop. On one side the client set up his business office and a craft area for his wife, while the other side acts as a woodworking shop. The main, middle part of the building is home to an impressive collection of cars. The client must have been eager to show off his new building to friends and family because the very first use of this building was for his daughter’s wedding!

Location: Three Hills, Alberta

Size: 46’ x 54’ x 16’

Building System: 

Remuda Building Ltd.

Doors: Overhead Doors – C.H.I. 5333 Carriage Door

Wall & Roof Panels: 

Forma Steel

Insulation: R-28 Fiberglass

Fasteners: Forma Steel

Posts: Hillier

Trusses: ZyTech

Cupolas: MWI Components